We give you down payment grant to buy the house.

We help you with home loan offered by top US lenders.

We buy home, rehab and sell to you for no money down!


Welcome first time home buyers or if you have not owned a home in three years, plus income and you will qualify!


1st time flippers and landlords you may qualify if you have not owned a home in past three years. Restrictions apply.


Buy a single, duplexs, triplexs or fourplex and qualify with low fico, recent foreclosures, short sale or job relocations


Not Available in All US Markets, Yet.



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Max Thrush is on a mission to offer affordable housing to the masses with his down payment grants and specialty home loan programs. Max's experience with real estate, finance and construction allows him the ability to buy homes at wholesale prices nationwide. Buyer may then provide us home remodel design imput, colors, ect, we use home rehab software. Then we  remodel home for the buyer and sell to buyer for no money down with our grant. 


Nationwide Services   

*Zero Down Homes and Loans

*No Money Down Home Loans

*VA *USDA *FHA 0 Down Loan

*Private Down Payment Grants

*First Time Home Buyer Loans

*Legal, Title, Insurance Service

*Construction & Rehab Service


Max Thrush

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