No Money Down Homes
No Money Down Homes

Request Our No Money Down Loan and Grant Approval Letter Before Your Home Purchase.


AAA Homes a public private joint venture promoting no money down home ownership with a down payment assistance grant and our 6% grant of purchase price for all the closing cost and move-in. Grants inconjunction with FHA, VA and USDA home loans that offer low or no down loan programs. 


No Money Down Home Ownership in 45-90 Days!


1. Request Grant Amount. We Provide Down Payment Grants and Closing Costs.

2. Sign-up Recieve Your 100% Free Credit Report and Download a Loan Application

3. We Set Appointment With Our Lender To Complete Your Loan & Grant Applications. 

4. Our Real Estate Agent Contacts You With List of Homes or Have Your Agent Call Us. 

5. We Open Escrow with EMD Funds, Down Payment Assistance Grant and Closing Costs.

6. 1st Time Buyers May Be Required to Attend Online Class for Home Ownership Education.

7. When Buying Fixer We Offer Rehab Funds to $35,000 and a Contractor To Perform Rehab.


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Max Thrush

Investor and Founder

Equity Partners of America

a Public Private Housing Venture



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