No Money Down Homes
No Money Down Homes

Foreclosure Prevention Services

  • Loan Modifications via HARP
  • Refinance & Lower Payments 
  • Private Home Loan Programs
  • FHA, VA, USDA Home Loans
  • Cash for Keys via Deed in Lieu
  • Short Sales or Short Loan Payoff
  • Homeownership Retention Programs
  • Credit and Debt Counseling Services

Is Your Home Scheduled for Auction?


 1. Do You Need Help To Keep Your Home?

  • We buy homes cash and close fast!
  • You Rent Your House Back from Us.
  • We Help Restore Your Credit Score.
  • You Buy Your Home Back No Down! 
  • Home Equity is Required to Qualify.


2. Do You Want $5,000+ To Help You Move? 

  • Is Your Home Scheduled For Auction?
  • We Buy Homes Cash in Just 15 Days.
  • Paying Off Loans to Save Your Credit.
  • We Give You Up To $5,000+ To Move.
  • We Sell You 0 Down Home in Months!


858-309-2584 or or Click

  Nationwide Services Available

      300,000 No Down Homes

             Grants To Move

        No Down Home Loans

     Down Payment Assistance

          Community Seconds

         We Stop Foreclosures


Max Thrush

Investor and Founder

Equity Partners of America

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